Botanic Square

collective landscapes


URBAN FOREST // Caracas, Venezuela 2006-2018

Abandoned Interstitial space, reprogrammed as an urban forest built by local workers.

  • First Prize for Urban and Landscape Design IV Architecture Biennale of Maracaibo, Venezuela 2013
  • “Caracas del Valle al Mar: Guía de Arquitectura y Paisaje” Iván González Viso, María Isabel Peña

Reprogrammed urban street based on social ecologies and repicable constructive components, Supported by the state government plan mixed with collective protocols and local workers. Two types of complementary interventions are involved in this project: an urban scale, repairing the old Bolívar Square of El Valle, and an architectural scale, creating a parochial library program, which will integrate the existing vegetation, services, and community support. The square is a re-engineering action towards the area that will work in 4 management quadrants: environmental – communitarian – technological –inheritance value, which is part of a group that wants to rescue public spaces, motivated by the community itself. It was motivated and impulse by community leaders, who systematized all the area’s demands and necessities, using a participating methodology. Using hybrid manufacturing processes, and based in the optimization of resources and modular constructive efficiency, the square displays a series of integral components, such as benches, lightning poles, water _lters, information devices and technical elements that are developed in the site by local constructors and implemented in the pavements’ matrix grid.