Festival of Transitional Architecture

art & political installations


In collaboration with FESTIVAL OF TRANSITIONAL ARCHITECTURE, Studio Christchurch & Physics Room. FESTA. City Up // New Zealand 2014

The aim is to create a complex object with the ability to be reprogrammed according to citizens consensus, a building in constant consultation, and by repeating this kind of infrastructure in the existing voids generating a system of public space collectively managed, conforming transitional and contingency action plans for territorial reorganization. Identifying and reforming the usage dynamics of contemporary cities induced by such extreme situations. It includes mutations, hybrids, and other adaptation processes as occupational strategies that will develop displacement patterns, mobility and social behavior. It will center upon proposing programmatic and operative mechanisms that enable the reactivation of segments, landscapes, and urban infrastructures, and counteract deterioration and degeneration of metropolitan territories.

  • Elam School of Fine Arts International Artist In Residence At The University of Auckland 2014