Biennial Favara

Caracas Pavilion at the Favara Countless Cities Biennial & Venice Biennale Off-Site Pavilion 2021


Multi-scalar spatial narrative by Alejandro Haiek in collaboration with Luis Pimentel and Xenia Adjoubei.

Audio-visual: Alvaro Leon. Computational Design: Tomas Mena.
3D modelling: Osmin Avalos. Photography: Irina Urriola. Online platform: Ksenia Davydova. Local team: Gerlando Lopresti, carpenter; Angelo Cimino & Mattia Mantione, assembly assistance

The Caracas Pavilion as part of Countless Cities Biennale in Favara and Offsite Pavilion of the
Italian Exhibition, 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, presents the working process of Alejandro
Haiek and Lab.Pro.Fab. The multi-scalar spatial narrative is centred around Tiuna el Fuerte
Cultural Park which was co-designed and co-initiated by Alejandro Haiek, founder of Lab.Pro.Fab,
together with arts groups and diverse grassroots movements in Caracas, Venezuela. The Pavilion
hosts a summer-long residency of Lab.Pro.Fab and an evolving performative installation which,
through local actions, connects a network of architects, video makers, photographers and cultural
managers spread all over the world.