Urban Agrostation 01

Post ecology farming devices


Barquisimeto, Venezuela 2016-2018

Where the city comes to nature, and nature comes to the city: Emotional landscape and experimental territories. The conjuction of sensitive systems and devices will amplified the natural phenomena turning them into urban experiences. Understanding new ways of ecology, based on the reinsertion of the urban greed into nature conditions. Introducing sensorial, atmospheric and ambiental condi-tions into the urban public space. The project aims to introduce emotional landscapes in the boundaries between the favelas and a National Park.

The research focuses on understanding new ways of intertwining the extended urban fabric of Barquisimeto, the third biggest industrial city in Venezuela, with the fragile ecosystem of the still remaining urban national parks trapped in the urban sprawl. The project introduce small landscape operations to activate the ground, creating productive and edible territories, intersected with sports and cultural public spaces.

Selfsufficient and interactive devices allow the citizen to experience and cohabitate nature, understanding its pulse, timecycles and regenerative transformations.

Wind, sun, rain, movements and temperature are progressively transformed into luminic, auditive and vibrational multisensorial experiences.

This device allow nature to perform evolving within the participation of human and other species.