Pallet Parliament

mULTI theatre playground landscape


A collaboration between Umeå School of Architecture and Umeå Municipality // Umeå, Sweden 2022

The Pallet Parliament is an upcycled installation in an unused parking lot in Teg, Umeå. This public installation was deployed as a catalyser for community interactions, simultaneously providing a stage, a playground, and an open classroom. The installation operated as an intergenerational infrastructure during a week in September, hosting the GoGreenRoutes Seedbed event funded by the Umeå Municipality and the European Union.

In participation with Umeå Municipality the project was realised as a platform for citizen participation and interaction as a consulting process for the future of the area.

The pallet Parliament was specially assambled for the Böledagen event on September 2nd 2022, as part of the GoGreenRoutes: Seedbed Intervention Day. The architectural intervention was installed to encourage the integration, discussion, and engagement of civil society in future steps of the implementation of the new road master plan, enhancing the social networking, the decision making protocols and the democratic procedures.

Through multiscalar prototyping process the structural, programmatic, and aesthetic performance was tested.

The design derives from a process where the digital and analogue is in constant dialogue. 100 recycled euro pallets the structure is organised parametrically accoring to specific design parameters and patterns. The modular logic of a repeating component makes the structure mobile and flexible, creating a unique assembly choreography, handled by 2 to 3 people with a final result in a day, depending on the specific necesity of the site, user and program. The entire system rotates covering circles of 12 Mts diameter. The replicant units organise 12 construction matrixes.

The Pallet Parliament is a forum designed for the integration, discussion, and engagement of civil society in future decisions that will be implemented in the area during the construction of Bölevägen street in Umeå.

The prototype aim to provoke public engagement by providing street scenarios augmented ecological scenarios. The intervention hypothesised around deployable public infrastructure that operates as forum for intergenerational environments, for democracy and culture, and allows for multiple events to take place simultaneously.