Multipurpose Unit



This Project takes part on a series of interventions on urban reengineering, focalized into consolidate a network of cultural, sport and assistance spaces as new urban models of collective nature for the popular areas of Caracas. It is based in the recovery and reactivation of an antique structure. The strategy is to reuse the already existing elements form the original program to create a community hall, which could be equipped for different cultural practices. It will use every pre-existent profile to reinforce the structural basis and to hold a stereometrics layer made in the place and assisted with a toll truck for the hoisting maneuvers. These specific actions is programmed as a maximum building efficiency in terms of time and costs by m2, accomplishing to provide a place for the activities of the community.

  • Winner of Recycling and Rehabilitation Awards at XX Panamerican Quito Biennial 2016.
  • XV Venice Biennial Of Architecture 2016. Reporting From The Front. Curated By Alejandro Aravena.

The proposal develops a two leveled module, in which you will find a dressing area, services and devices in the lower grounds (refractioning), and a multiple-uses area in the higher levels, equipped with storage furnace, roofs and semi-permeable enclosures to provide natural ventilation
(manufacturing). This hall will have independent access, through a bridge that will connect it with the pre-existing row of seats area, which will allow complementary dynamics with the sporting areas of the place. Over the module, a light,
pre-assembled and industrialized layer will be installed, with insulator plates for the thermic and acoustic equipment of the multiple-uses hall. This protocol will minimize risks and prevent it from wearing out easily, and will make it convenient for the social area dynamics. The building and installation process it’s reduced to a few weeks, motorizing the place quickly.

The proposal aspires also to consolidate the immediate surroundings, designing the urban furnaces (benches, seats and lightning poles), ground and pavement systems, and, other landscaping design elements that will complement the use protocols of the structured proposed. The opencast hall and theatre can be programmed starting from a variable periodicity, which will keep the area active, accomplishing to assist the places necessities and empowering the cultural practices of the commune.