Floating Landscapes

The Physics and Science of Buoyancy


X-Urban Design Studio at Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya IAAC / 2020

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The Workshop explores the science of buoyancy as a phenomenon applied to the physics of complex foundation systems and integral components of architectural and urban design. The workshop speculated about buoyancy components as alternative construction logics capable of understanding environmental fluctuations, weather complexities and natural forces, implementing new relationships between the built environment and the territory.

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The research developed components that operates as a constructive gene in the configuration of new forms of habitability and occupation of the territory, deploying alternative energy systems, regenerative protocols and self-regulated nodes. 

The projects focused on science of buoyancy, developing new devices that allow interacting with extreme phenomena such as daily life. The devices can be generated from the scale of self-replicating cell units to operative surfaces. The operational components will be able to develop interventions at urban scale starting from form of floatability, patterns of regenerative cycles and condition for a complex metabolism.

The systems were trans-scalar and trans-material allowing the projects to include a set of complex environment parameters, technical performance and human and diverse ecosystems.

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