Sol y Sombra 2021 / Human Movement: from Shadow Policies to Shadow Ecologies

summer course 1 - 11 June 2021


Human Movement: from Shadow Policies to Shadow Ecologies

Organized as part of the Umeå School of Architecture Summer Course

With the support of Umea School of Architecture and the Global Free Unit

Led by Alejandro Haiek & Xenia Adjoubei

Deadline 2 April 2021

Building on the work of the 2020 Sol y Sombra (Light and Shadow) summer course , we expand our perspective on human flows which have defined and shaped the policies, economies, and physical environments since time immemorial. We will study how human flows, such as mass urbanization, intercontinental migration and protracted displacement, have historically impacted cities and how they are forming future built and natural environments. In 2020 we generated a knowledge-base to inform designs for economic and social mobility in the context of the Venezuelan migration crisis in Colombia, through the analysis of three conditions: the frontier, typical migrant journeys and an example arrival city.

This year we will investigate migration on a continental and planetary scale in order to map and propose design systems which understand and support human movement, in order to work with it as an inevitable condition in an increasingly volatile world. Participants will carry out a detailed analysis of regional and global trends and their economic, political and social drivers. We will draw on first-hand accounts, expert voices and QGIS data and engage with emerging technologies, such as identity digitalization, social credit systems, crypto-currencies and satellite internet technologies, which have the potential to radically transform how people move or are stopped , specifically in a post-pandemic context.We will work across these geographic, environmental, technological and cultural layers to find territorial opportunities,



This is a higher education accredited two week high-paced research, mapping and design course. Carried out online. The course will explore, observe and draw how human flows have shaped our world and will model and reveal potentialities to create positive social change through design. The course will be supported by a variety of world-class guest lecturers and live-virtual tours, to offer participants the closest possible experience of emergent conditions and technologies.


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non EU applicants please contact us directly

Selection among the applicants is based on submitted work samples / portfolio and motivation letter.
Please send in a digital portfolio and motivation letter to Umeå School of Architecture  with “SUMMERCOURSE” followed by your name in the subject line.

Applications deadline: March 30th 2021 by 5pm CET

Your portfolio should contain a selection of projects that display and communicate your capabilities and skills in architecture. It should show your working process, how you develop your ideas, as well as your ability to reflect critically about your work and its social, political and ethical dimensions.
Include a short description of the context in which each work has been produced (eg assignment, requirements, prerequisites, etc.).


Your portfolio must be submitted digitally as one (1) document in PDF format.
The file size may not exceed 10 Mb.
Your full name, e-mail address and application number must be stated on the first page of your portfolio.
Indicate if the work has been produced independently or in collaboration.
Specify if some of the work has been produced during an internship or while working as a professional.
Make sure to strictly follow the requirements above otherwise your application will be marked as ineligible.


Motivation Letter

You should submit a motivation letter where you state why you want to enroll in the course. The text should be maximum 400 words. Specify why you want to participate in the chosen workshops and in which order and how it is relevant for you and your development. The number of places in each workshop is limited. The motivation letter can be included in the beginning of your portfolio or submitted as a separate document.



Your digital portfolio and motivation letter must be sent by email directly to Umeå School of Architecture.
The portfolio e-mail address is . In the subject line, please write “SUMMERCOURSE” followed by your name.
Motivation letter / portfolio is to be sent in at latest the same day as the deadline to pay tuition fees or prove the right to exemption. For the Summer course 2021, the last day is March 30th 2021.

Summer Course Leaders

Director, Lab.Pro.Fab., founder, The Public Machinery

Alejandro Haiek Coll

Architect & Studio Leader at Umeå School of Architecture, Sweden. Receiving honors in Architectural Design, Master of Sciences, at the Central University of Venezuela, his research examines the relations between public landscapes, post-industrial ecologies and Network Governance, resulting in projects for social innovation that integrate science, culture and local intelligences

Founder Nikola-Lenivets Classroom, Directory ASWStudio

Xenia Adjoubei

Architect & educator. Leads design projects in education and culture, curates a design think-tank in the largest art park in Europe, the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, which explores the New Rural condition, how collective art sustains communities, new labor economies and the natural resources of the future